Read smart
Linxy helps you quickly obtain information when reading books or magazines.

Simply point Linxy on a text and instantly obtain word explanations or definitions. Learn new words and facts, quickly and with style.


  • Text recognition using iPhone's camera
  • Real-time word detection
  • Content based on Wikipedia
  • Word definitions based on Wiktionary
  • Over 400.000 word definitions
  • Manual word search mode
  • Works 100% offline
  • Additional content can be purchased as IAPĀ“s

Dynamic dictionaries

  • Download extra content dictionaries and
    load the dictionaries on/off inside the app
  • Extra dictionaries add two term word recognition.
    Automatically recognize two word phrases
  • Combine and add additional dictionaries
    when you need them
9100+ terms such as Quantitaive easing,
Ridit scoring, Invisible hand etc.
11700+ terms such as Bull trap,
Gross profit, Swap spread etc.
7400+ terms such as Per quod,
Ambit claim, Super statue etc.
Coming soon…


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